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May 2022


Sulforaphane(broccoli seed extract): a new trend for skin care

  • Sulforaphane(SFN) is a kind of biological active ingredient that can be extracted from broccoli seeds or broccoli sprouts.

    SFN has the characteristics of skin care factor, with antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, uv absorption and radiation resistance, etc.

    Sun Protection. SFN can significantly reduce the erythema caused by ultraviolet radiation, and the protective effect lasts for 72 hours.

    Skin Whitening. SFN can improve skin brightness, prevent and reduce melanin pigmentation caused by light damage.

    nti-inflammatory. SFN can effectively inhibit the acute skin inflammation caused by ultraviolet light.

    Anti-aging. SFN can maintain collagen homeostasis and improve skin aging through endogenous and exogenous anti-aging effects.

    At present, there are many skin care products on the market which are made from broccoli seed extract glucoraphanin or SFN, including toner, lotion, cream, essence, mask etc.

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