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June 2022


Phosphatidylserine, an essential substance for the human body

  • 1.Introduction

    Phosphatidylserine (PS), is an active substance in the cell membrane, especially in the nervous system of human body. It is an important component of the cell membrane of the brain and plays an important role in regulating various brain functions, especially memory and emotional stability. For example, it can affect the fluidity and permeability of cell membrane, and can activate the metabolism and synthesis of various enzymes. Studies have shown that PS and other phospholipids in the human brain begin to decrease with age around the age of 30.

    2.Product Benefits

    PS can rejuvenate your brain. PS contributes to the release of dopamine and glutamate- mediated neurotransmission, and is very important for learning, memory, and other cognitive functions in humans and animals. Studies have shown that PS supplementation (300mg/day) for 3 consecutive months can improve memory and learning ability.
    PS can improve glucose metabolism in brain. A clinical study of the elderly showed that PS can improve the level of glucose metabolism in the brain and enhance brain activity. A 59-year-old woman with cognitive impairment took 500mg PS daily for 3 weeks. PET scans of her brain were performed before and after taking PS. The results show that PS can improve the level of glucose metabolism in the brain and enhance brain activity.    
    PS is beneficial to exercise and exercise recovery. PS can reduce the loss of amino acids in muscle tissue; prevent physical decline caused by exercise tension and overload training; speed up physical recovery and prevent muscle pain; relieve mental tension and regulate competition emotions.

    3.Recommended Usage

    Generally speaking, if there is more meat and fish in the diet, the intake of PS will be about 180mg/day; if the food is low in fat or vegetarian, the intake of PS will be only 100mg per day, or even less at 50mg. According to statistics, at present, the gap between our daily PS intake and the normal demand is about 70-150mg, especially for vegetarians, with a gap of 200-250mg. In view of the above reasons, we need to supplement 100-300mg of pure PS every day. For vegetarians, low-fat or low-cholesterol diets, and elderly people, supplementing PS is particularly important.

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