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April 2022


Sulforaphane sets off a new wave in the beauty supplements industry

  • The economics of beauty drives trillions of consumption growth, especially beauty supplements. Beauty supplement is different from the extreme way of applying cosmetics that temporarily improves the skin or through cosmetic surgery. The concept of beauty supplement is to take care of the internal health of the skin and make the skin itself beautiful through diet and living habits.

    Researchers have found that sulforaphane (SFN), one of the special active ingredients, makes skin plump and elastic.

    lProtects skin against UV rays

    SFN ameliorates and protects against ultraviolet (UV)-induced skin damage.

    lReduces collagen loss

    SFN reduces collagen loss, thereby reducing skin wrinkles.

    lWhitenings skin

    SFN brightens skin tone and inhibits melanin production.

    lInhibition of hair loss

    SFN reduces plasma dihydrotestosterone hormone concentration.


    SFN inhibits the formation of AGEs and protects collagen and elastin from glycation.

    lFades scars

    SFN inhibits the growth of keloid fibroblasts.


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