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February 2022


Benefits of Naturally Sourced Antibiotic Sulforaphane on HP Infection

  • Recently, the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released the 15th Report on Carcinogens , helicobacter pylori (chronic infection with, HP) as a clear carcinogen. It had previously been classified as a class 1 carcinogen by the World Health Organization (WHO).

    1. The Harm of HP Infection

    1.1 Hp is a class I carcinogen of gastric cancer.

    1.2 HP infection can lead to gastrointestinal diseases, such as iron deficiency anemia, chronic urticaria, halitosis, and periodontal disease.

    1.3 HP infection can cause digestive diseases, such as acute and chronic gastritis, dyspepsia and peptic ulcer.

    One percent of people infected with HP may develop stomach cancer, but eradication of HP can reduce the incidence of stomach cancer.

    From: National Toxicology Program

    2. Natural Source of HP Antibacterial - Sulforaphane

    Sulforaphane (SFN) is widely present in broccoli seeds as the stable precursor glucoraphanin (GRA) and can effectively inhibit a group of Gram-negative bacteria. SFN exhibits anti-HP activity both in vivo and in vitro.

    In vitro, SFN inhibited the activity of 45 clinical isolates of HP[1].

    In mice with HP infection, SFN decreased gastric bacterial colonization, decreased mucosal tumor necrosis factor -α and interleukin-1βexpression, and alleviated gastric inflammation[2].

    In clinical trials, SFN can enhance the eradication effect of triple therapy on HP. The eradication rate of SFN combined with triple therapy was significantly higher than that of triple therapy alone[3].

    References(obtained by email:

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