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November 2021


SanBroc® Broccoli Seed Extract 13% Glucoraphanin Plus Myrosinase

  • The glucoraphanin is extracted from broccoli seeds that we grow on our own farm.Contains both glucoraphanin (broccoli seed extract) and myrosinase, which allows glucoraphanin to be released slowly and converted to sulforaphane in vivo.

            Up to 62.3% conversion rate from Glucoraphanin to Sulforaphane

            Good enzyme activity

            Slow-release in human body

            High safety

            Longer shelf life than Sulforaphane

            More mild oral irritation

            Higher bio-availability (60%+ VS 10%)

    Product information

            Starting Materials: Broccoli Seed Extract 

            Appearance: Light Yellow to Brown Fine Powder 
            Processing Method: Extraction 
            Botanical Name: Brassica oleracea L.var.italic 

    About the inventory 

            1%-15% spot direct sales    Higher purity can be customized

    Application: Cancer, diabetes, autism, antioxidant

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